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Kelevate Method:

A six month transformation program to support you in healing your self + body image and cultivate an empowered relationship with food + fitness so you can finally arrive at the destination that you were promised diet + weight loss programs would bring you to.


This is NOT about teaching you macros or any other form of dietary control…


It’s NOT about trying to turn you into the next fitness influencer either (unless that’s truly what you want!)...


And it’s definitely NOT about clinging to apps like MyFitnessPal, curating a whack-ton of self-discipline or finding more ways to “hold yourself accountable”. 


If anything, it’s about ditching the need to control food in order to feel okay about yourself and your body.

Once you truly transform what’s been blocking you from finally feeling how you deeply desire to feel in your body and in your life, you’ll be able to…


Feel a lasting, authentic sense of self-confidence that could never be taken away from you…


Breakup with diets, MyFitnessPal and every form of dietary restriction that constricts your freedom and ability to show up as you desire to show up in your life…


Trust yourself around food and naturally make self-honoring decisions no matter what is happening in your life…


Easily navigate any situations that would normally throw you off track so you have the tools to move through the blocks that hold you back from accomplishing anything that you want in your life from this point forward…


Fully + radically accept yourself regardless of what the scale says, how much you ate / exercised and what’s happening within + around you...


Unlock + shift the mental, emotional and subconscious blocks holding you back from embodying the woman you deeply desire to be…


Wake up to the types of experiences, relationships and achievements really available to you when your energy isn’t consumed by poor body image and life-sucking diets…


Maintain the nutrition + fitness routines that actually ENHANCE your quality of life, rather than draining it…

The way this works is really quite simple…

Raspberry Sorbet

Gentle Nutrition + Food Freedom

Moving away from the typical restrict-binge-guilt cycle and towards an intuitive, nourishing relationship with food that creates ease around food while allowing more space + peace in the mind.


Empowered Movement

Creating consistency with joyful movement while learning how to trust + support your body’s ever-changing needs so you can feel good in + about your body.


Body Image +

Self Image

Cultivating peace with your body + a secure sense of self by overcoming patterns of body shame, self-rejection and criticism.


If a “digital course” and a “1-1 coaching program” got together and had a baby… this group coaching program would be the cute lil’ love-child.


You’ll have access to audio guides and powerful tools to aid you in your holistic transformation… just like a course.


While at the same time, gaining clarity and receiving support from me every step of the way so that you can experience and implement deep a 1-1 coaching program.


Not to mention the power of community in aiding in your growth; being surrounded by like minded women doing the deeper work with you and acting as a mirror for the hidden blocks that have been holding you back in your own journey,


Here's what else you're getting...

Bi-weekly support calls to answer your questions, elevate your weekly homework, receive spot coaching from me and transform alongside the other women in the program as they reflect back the questions and struggles you may have missed on your own

Nutrition + fitness coaching rooted in food freedom, intuitive eating and empowered movement to support you in becoming an expert in your own body

1-on-1 text support M-F to receive customized guidance within your nutrition, fitness and body image journey

Optional: Monthly workout programs focused on strengthening and toning your body through proper movement and progressive overload (includes demo videos, at-home or gym options and exercise swaps for your individual needs & equipment availability) + a lifetime fitness guide to support you in integrating fitness into your life for the rest of your life

Lifetime access to the audio guides and worksheets so you can continue doing this deep work on your own time, in whatever capacity serves you as you continue your journey on your own

+ Access to all support call recordings

Jehona K.

Kelly proposed mindset work and she helped me discover all my inner problems that were related to my body image dysmorphia, terrible food relationship and addiction to stepping on the scale a few times a day. She helped me heal from all that and made me realize that my life’s' goal wasn't about losing the weight, it was about my physical, mental and spiritual well-being as a whole. It was about feeling more energetic, happy and confident in my own body regardless of the number on the scale. 

Tara H.

After 6 months, I lost 10lbs but the biggest surprise was how Kelly helped me change my relationship with food. I no longer have the shame and guilt that I used to feel around food. For this reason, Kelly has helped me in ways I could have never imagined and exceeded my expectations. I know now that I will continue on with this journey and I will succeed.

Lisa R.

Kelly has literally changed my life and, contrary to what I thought would make me happy, it's not because I lost 19 lbs. I'm happy because I can go out for dinner/drinks and not feel like I ruined my progress the next day. I'm happy because I don't have to make up an excuse that I can't go somewhere because I don't want to be in a bikini in front of people. I'm happy because if I'm really craving a burger, I'll have it and move on without overthinking it.

I don’t know if any of that sounds like something you’d be interested in?

I suppose it might be if you want to trade white-knuckling your way through every diet + exercise program you can get your hands on in hopes that one day you will feel good enough in your body… for an enjoyable, holistic and long-lasting transformation from the inside-out.


...or if you’re “omg-so-done” with controlling every inch of your life just to have a chance at one day feeling confident and at-peace.


Plus, if you’d really like to stop bouncing from “on track” to “off track” and want to find out what it’s like to truly have a lifestyle that makes you look and feel good… and actually feel like you look good… it might make sense to join in on the last nutrition + fitness program you’ll ever need?

The next steps are easy...


There’s no pressure to commit right now.


I only want you in this program if it feels like a full-body YES for you.


(if you’re feeling both excited and a little fearful at the same time… that’s probably your sign)


Sound good?


I’m here to support you on the next, most intelligent steps for you on this journey! Whether or not that’s aligned with this program :))

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