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By Kelly Gifford

If you're anything like me, you love getting swept away in a good romance plot, specifically with some well-done smut, but you also have a bit of a gripe over the fact that most romance novels describe the female lead as dainty, small, thin, easy-to-toss-around, and with any flaws being watered down to an incredibly endearing level.

In Life's A Mirror, I wanted to capture the impact of poor body image, low self worth, and anxiety on a female's life, especially regarding romantic relationships and intimacy.

In the journey of self-discovery and healing, sometimes the path to love takes unexpected twists. Kelsey Elsher, acclaimed romance author, has spent a lifetime battling her own demons—struggling with body image, fighting an eating disorder, and wrestling with crippling anxiety. But when a revelatory therapy session prompts her to pen a memoir, Kelsey embarks on a quest for personal growth that leads her to confront her deepest fears head-on.


Seeking solace and solitude, Kelsey escapes to Mexico, intending to craft her memoir in peace. Little does she know, fate has other plans in store. When she discovers that her former flame, Anthony, is in the same picturesque locale, Kelsey is forced to confront the ghosts of her past. Their relationship ended abruptly, marred by Kelsey's own insecurities and avoidance tactics. But as they reconnect, Kelsey realizes that Anthony may hold the key to her healing.

Despite her newfound self-awareness, Kelsey grapples with old patterns of self-sabotage, threatening to derail her burgeoning romance. Allowing herself to lean on Anthony's unwavering support, she navigates the treacherous waters of intimacy and vulnerability, inching closer to the love she never thought she deserved.

In a narrative brimming with raw emotion and vulnerability, Kelsey's journey resonates with women everywhere who yearn for deeper connection. As she learns to embrace her imperfections and let go of past traumas, readers are invited to join her on a transformative odyssey of self-discovery and inner transformation.

Life’s A Mirror is a poignant exploration of love and the healing power of self-acceptance. Join Kelsey as she dares to rewrite her own story and discovers that sometimes, the most profound love of all begins with loving oneself.

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