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Are you ready to face everything that's blocking you from falling head-over-heels in love with yourself & your life?

I have worked with hundreds of clients over the years, and when we peel the layers back far enough we always reveal the same core wounds, patterns and beliefs that are robbing them of the life they deeply crave.

If you want support in upgrading your mindset, integrating powerful emotional tools, regulating your nervous system through deep somatic practices and reprogramming unhelpful beliefs and patterns rooted in your unconscious, I have the skillset and experience to carry you through a profoundly life-changing transformation.

What's required of you is an open mind and a willingness to feel, slow down, get curious and become more committed to your freedom than you are to comfort.

Think you're ready? You can book a call with me below to learn more about my coaching packages and get a taste of the deep transformational work that's available for you here.

What does it mean to feel at home inside of yourself, your body and your life?

A home is safe, warm, welcoming and comforting.

With yourself, you can trust yourself and be your authentic self. Who and what you are is enough.

You are compassionate, understanding and forgiving towards yourself. You can see all parts of you through loving motherly eyes. You correct mistakes with grace and self-forgiveness, and you motivate change through patience, gentleness and kindness.

You allow yourself to seek comfort when you need it. You don’t make yourself wrong for indulging in comfort. When the ways you’re seeking comfort aren’t good for you, you forgive yourself and gently guide yourself to finding comfort in a healthier way.
With your body, ​you can regulate your nervous system. Your body could never be too much or not enough; those are all illusions built through conditioning, and you can see past them.

You let yourself love what you love about your body, and you have grace for what you don’t love. You welcome the imperfections and flaws, and you see your relationship towards them as a byproduct of your conditioning much more than they’re rooted in some kind of deservingness or truth.

You follow the rules that make you feel really good and you reject the ones that don’t. You wear what makes you feel good. You move in ways that make you feel good. You eat in ways that make you feel good. You surround yourself with things and people that make you feel good. Everything that doesn’t make you feel good, you trust that you can let go of. Discomfort is used as a tool to challenge yourself and grow, not as punishment or something you have to put up with.
With life, ​you trust it. You choose to believe that life is inherently kind. You trust that there always comes a resolution to every problem. You trust that you can’t do life wrong. You trust that everything that happens to you happens for you.

You choose to experience it with acceptance. Anytime you start thinking life should be different than what it is, you step back to question it, and you soften into the possibility that life should be the way it is.

You structure it to the best of your ability to honour your needs, desires and preferences. You have space to play and space to just be, and you really indulge in that spaciousness.
I am a coach who has a coach, and with Kelly's help I have blossomed at my ability to coach others and they're starting to take notice of that. Having this support system has allowed me to step into this place of empowerment and embodiment that is priceless. You can't put a price tag on the way that I feel.

Amanda B.

Jehona K.

Kelly proposed mindset work and she helped me discover all my inner problems that were related to my body image dysmorphia, terrible food relationship and addiction to stepping on the scale a few times a day. She helped me heal from all that and made me realize that my life’s' goal wasn't about losing the weight, it was about my physical, mental and spiritual well-being as a whole. It was about feeling more energetic, happy and confident in my own body regardless of the number on the scale. 

Jean Y.

Kelly's coaching is powerful. She gets to the core issues quickly and I always end up having a huge transformational shift after each session! I had some deep-seated subconscious fears from my childhood and she helped me to see them and bring them to the surface so that we could work through them. She has helped me to love & trust myself on a deeper level by believing in me when I didn't believe in myself. There are sessions where I go in feeling anxious about my goals...and then she coaches me and I come out feeling confident and empowered!

Lisa R.

Kelly has literally changed my life and, contrary to what I thought would make me happy, it's not because I lost 19 lbs. I'm happy because I can go out for dinner/drinks and not feel like I ruined my progress the next day. I'm happy because I don't have to make up an excuse that I can't go somewhere because I don't want to be in a bikini in front of people. I'm happy because if I'm really craving a burger, I'll have it and move on without overthinking it.

Are you ready to make some deeply impactful shifts in the way you feel, act and think in your life?

Working with me is going to be a wildly different experience than all of your previous goal-oriented endeavours. I combine my skillset in transformational coaching, intuitive guidance, unconscious reprogramming and healing to support you in making your vision come to life.

I am now offering a one-time Breakthrough Session for free to a limited amount of people per month, meaning you can experience the power of this deep transformational work without the longer-term commitment that comes with my 1-1 coaching packages.


A Breakthrough Session is whatever you need it to be. I can support you in defining your goals and identifying what's holding you back so I can coach you around dismantling your blocks and challenges. If you'd like support and/or guidance around a specific area of your life, you can let me know below or in our session. :)

Once you've submitted this form, I will contact you to schedule the session.



I look forward to supporting you :)


Want more specific help healing your body image & cultivating a better relationship with food + exercise?

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