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About Me

I've struggled to love myself for as long as I can remember.

I never trusted myself or my body. I believed that if I did trust myself, I would have to face the inevitable pain of rejection, judgement, and abandonment, and would prove to myself that I am, in fact, not good enough.


So I lived my life by a list of rules like:


▶︎ Eat this, don’t eat that.

▶︎ Don't show that you're upset about anything to anyone, ever.

▶︎ Don’t drink your Calories.

▶︎ Never speak your truth if there's any chance it will upset someone.


Anytime I strayed from these rules, I would would get lost in a sea of self-critisim, looking for evidence that I I made a mistake and then using the consequential guilt as motivation to stay small and retreat into more performative layers.


I'm no stranger to the struggles, deep pain and crippling lost-ness that life can offer us. In my quest to be accepted and just f*ing fit in, I battled through a dark and lonely path, wrestling with body image issues and self-worth.


Fueled by a desire to escape the pain, I spiraled into unhealthy patterns, from obsessive control over my body and food to later transferring that obsession into my career. The turning point came when I faced a choice:


1. continue down the same path


2. commit to overcoming internal barriers that were holding me back from feeling authentic self-confidence, limitless energy and magnetic vibrancy course through every cell of my being.

My work as a coach has been shaped by a rich tapestry of personal growth and professional training. Armed with certifications in TriggerMapping, Coaching Mastery, the Enneagram, and a deep understanding of nutrition and fitness, I bring a holistic approach to transformation and goals.


My unique coaching model works on all five levels – somatic, emotional, mental, behavioral, and unconscious – ensuring a comprehensive and tailored coaching experience to launch you into a completely up-levelled life and a version of yourself that makes everyone question how you managed to radically glow-up so fast.

What Sets Me Apart?

  • Holistic Healing: My approach transcends conventional coaching, fostering growth on every level of your being.

  • Trauma-Informed Care: As a trauma-informed coach, I create a safe space for healing, recognizing the profound impact of past wounds on your present. I ensure a supportive environment for anyone who has experienced big-T or little-T trauma, acknowledging its widespread impact on your nervous system, behaviours and perception of yourself and the world.

  • Seeing the Unseen: My sensitivity and intuition allow me to uncover your blind spots swiftly, articulating your thoughts and feelings more effectively than you can express them yourself.

  • Mastery Method: A proven 3-stage system - awareness, acceptance, aligned action - ensures lasting transformation by bridging self-awareness and action through acceptance which allows change to happen with more ease and consistency.

  • Client-Centered Collaboration: Always meeting you exactly where you are, we co-create a roadmap towards your vision, ensuring structures for continuous progress and growth.

  • Whole-Person Approach: I take into account all facets of your life – health, relationships, career, self-esteem, finances, social life, and personal growth – for a truly transformative and deeply healing experience.

  • Empowerment through Tools: Learn powerful transformational tools for mindset mastery, emotional resilience, and sustainable behavior change. You will be well-equipped to continuously align with your highest self over and over again.

Nowadays, I see my role less-so as a teacher, motivator and accountability buddy. Instead, my role is to help my clients quit getting in their own way and finally claim the version of themselves that they can't help but swoon over. By doing deeper transformatinal work, you become a magnet for the people, opportunities, and experiences your current self can only dream of... and this simply happens as a natural byproduct of being truly happy, holistically healthy, and deeply connected to yourself.

Together, we can embark on a journey where clarity becomes your ally, limitations are shattered, and your truth shines through from your highest self. Expect a life where boundaries are honored effortlessly, self-love is non-negotiable, and success magnetizes toward you.

Are you ready to embrace your radiance and fiercely create the life you deserve?

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