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Tired of being a f*c%ing dick to yourself?

If so, I'm so happy you're here...

Let me guess...

Diet and Hustle Culture, self-help books, and therapy have all made you believe that you'll only find happiness, confidence and freedom if you work as hard as possible to change yourself.

But all your attempts at doing so - successful or not - haven't really changed how you feel inside your life, body and relationships... at least not to the extent you were promised.

If you're honest, you actually feel worse. Every attempt at changing something leads you to discover more to change. You've felt like a "work in progress" for as long as you can remember...


And frankly, you fear you may never actually love yourself and your life.

*insert every motivational quote about not wasting your life that has only ever paralyzed you in fear and pressure here*

At times it feels as though you're helpless... that you're destined to live your life attached to a set of life-draining rules and to-do's if you ever want a chance at feeling good about yourself... yet, there's a glimpse of hope that maybe there's something out there that you just haven't discovered yet.

Something you've searched for in every self-help book and therapy session.

Something that will gift you the radiant life you've been searching for in every new goal you've strived for, without the inherent disempowerment that comes with every desperate reach for becoming more... more thin, more pretty, more fun, more successful...

The solution you've been searching for actually doesn't exist outside of you at all.

It exists behind all the ways you block your own happiness, confidence and freedom.

The problem was never on the outside; it was never about your job or your body or your bank account.


The life you've been reaching for exists in you choosing to live for yourself and having the tools to navigate everything that gets in the way of you choosing that.


(The bonus is how much easier your external world changes as a byproduct of these inner changes)

That means no more racing to be somewhere or someone else and instead, finding home inside yourself now. And feeling good doing it. And knowing you look really damn good doing it, too. 


About me

I've struggled to love myself for as long as I can remember..

I never trusted myself or my body. I believed that if I did trust myself, I would have to face the inevitable pain of rejection and I'd get the proof that I'm not enough.


So I lived my life by a list of rules like:


▶︎ Eat this, don’t eat that.

▶︎ Don't show that you're upset about anything to anyone, ever.

▶︎ Don’t drink your Calories.

▶︎ Never speak your truth if there's any chance it will upset someone.


Anytime I strayed from these rules, I would would get lost in a sea of self-critisim, looking for evidence that I shouldn’t be myself and then using that guilt as motivation to stay small and slab on more performative layers.

Want to know which of the 4 core wounds are driving your issues with self confidence, your body image and/or food?

Take my free personality quiz aimed at helping you better understand your unique psychology and how that's impacted your relationship with food, your body & self.


At the end, you will receive a detailed customized report with tips and tools on how to better support yourself in cultivating deeper self-confidence and healing your relationship with food & your body.

♥︎ Client Testimonials ♥︎

Amanda B.

Having Kelly as a coach has been an extraordinary gift in my life! I had a lot of fears & self-doubt holding me back and I felt really stuck around achieving my goals. When I shared my struggles with Kelly, she immediately knew how to coach me! I thought that I was a complicated case but she was able to see my life with such was as if she knew me better than I knew myself. She helped me to confront my fears head on and she did it in an incredibly loving and graceful way. Normally the idea of facing my fears would terrify me but I just felt peace and ease throughout our session. 


Kelly's coaching is powerful. She gets to the core issues quickly and I always end up having a huge transformational shift after each session! I had some deep-seated subconscious fears from my childhood and she helped me to see them and bring them to the surface so that we could work through them. She has helped me to love & trust myself on a deeper level by believing in me when I didn't believe in myself. There are sessions where I go in feeling anxious about my goals...and then she coaches me and I come out feeling confident and empowered!


Kelly is the embodiment of love, warmth, and kindness. It takes just a few seconds of being in her presence to feel it. Having her as a coach has propelled my growth in ways I could never imagine! I may have been able to do some of the personal development work on my own but I would have spent a looong time trying to figure out everything by myself. Having her support has been priceless and I am so grateful to have her on this journey with me!

Jean Y.

Kelly is truly an amazing coach! Her quantum view about a person allows her to not only tackle surface level issues, but it allows her to get to the root of the problem. this is so important because it highly reduces the likelihood of one falling back into those toxic patterns, cycles, and behaviours. Kelly is also very empathetic, which allows one to feel heard on all levels in the sessions. Which then aids in creating such a healthy safe space for one to heal! Kelly is one of the most intricate coaches out there and I highly recommend booking a session if you can. Your life will expand wonderfully in the best way possible with her help. Thank you Kelly for you service, keep shinning!

Coline K.

I met Kelly at a time in my life where I had hit rock bottom regarding my weight. I had been a yo-yo dieter for as long as I could remember. I had tried every diet out there, each one of them leaving me worse than where I started. I felt completely miserable on a repeating vicious cycle of binge eating, hating myself and my body and blaming the whole world for it. Not too long after our journey working together started, I achieved my weight loss goals at an amazing rate… but guess what? I was still miserable. Being a high achiever by heart, this was just another checkmark on my life's to do list. This is when Kelly proposed mindset work and she helped me discover all my inner problems that were related to my body image dysmorphia, terrible food relationship and addiction to stepping on the scale a few times a day. She helped me heal from all that and made me realize that my life’s' goal wasn't about losing the weight, it was about my physical, mental and spiritual well-being as a whole. It was about feeling more energetic, happy and confident in my own body regardless of the number on the scale. I am forever grateful to have crossed paths with this amazing soul on the journey of finding my true self. Kelly was my guide, friend and guardian angel. Words will never do justice on how thankful I am and how much love for her I will forever carry in my heart.

Jehona K.

When I met Kelly 6 months ago, I wanted to lose 10 lbs and have more energy. I was tired and frustrated that my restrictive, low-carb eating, beach body and endless cardio wouldn’t make the scale budge.  After 6 months, I lost 10lbs but the biggest surprise was how Kelly helped me change my relationship with food. I no longer have the shame and guilt that I used to feel around food. For this reason, Kelly has helped me in ways I could have never imagined and exceeded my expectations. I know now that I will continue on with this journey and I will succeed.

Tara H.

I was feeling out of control when it came to my weight and I wasn’t feeling great in my body. I felt like I was doing everything I could and still gaining weight. I am forever grateful to Kelly for her advice. She was always an ear to listen and always had positive guidance to help me along the way! With her help I had completely changed the way I look at food, working out and about myself. It sounds so cliché but she truly helped me detach from that number on the scale. She helped me shift my focus from my weight onto how I feel and the progress I was making! The other great thing is she was so supportive when I wanted to go it on my own, and provided me with more resources then I could imagine!

Savanah W.

I have had years of struggling with believing that low calories, no food and over exercising was the only way to achieve the look I wanted. With Kelly’s encouragement and guidance, I trusted her when she challenged me to change my whole outlook on food and exercise. I am so glad I did!

Robin C.

Kelly has literally changed my life and, contrary to what I thought would make me happy, it's not because I lost 19 lbs. I'm happy because I can go out for dinner/drinks and not feel like I ruined my progress the next day. I'm happy because I don't have to make up an excuse that I can't go somewhere because I don't want to be in a bikini in front of people. I'm happy because if I'm really craving a burger, I'll have it and move on without overthinking it. I've achieved my goals but choose to continue working with Kelly because I learn more from her every time I see her and I know that I wouldn't be at this point in my life if it wasn't for her so to say I recommend Kelly is an understatement!

Lisa R.

Before I started working with Kelly, I felt like I was in a downhill spiral. Everything I did felt like it was adding pounds. I had a gym membership that I thought I knew how to use but found myself on a treadmill for majority of the time and was not improving. Kelly not only helps you get back into a workout routine or nutrition, but she dives into your mentality and helps find where habits stem from. She is so genuine and I couldn’t ask for e better person to help me get back on track!

Melissa P.

I have struggled with my weight and my relationship with food for the past few years and knew I needed to make a change. What I know about food has literally taken a 180 turn, I am now eating MORE food, losing weight and becoming stronger than I’ve ever been! I can now have a couple drinks, or enjoy that craving and not beat myself up over it. Her knowledge, kindness and encouragement is like no other and I would not be where I am today physically or mentally without her. Kelly has no doubt changed my life, and given me the resources to continue making progress for years to come.

Kayla N.

For the first time in my life, being physically fit is not about a size or a number on a scale. With Kelly’s excellent teaching and guidance, being fit, healthy, and well has become about caring for my body and being proud of what my body can do. The changes Kelly has brought to my life are permanent because they are not just changes in habit, but changes in perspective, attitude, and mindset. She has led me to be healthier and more physically fit than I ever thought was possible for someone like me, and she has guided me to a greater sense of wellbeing by changing how I perceive myself and my body image.

Nicole W.

Ditch the Good Vs. Bad.
That's just so Diet Culture.

This is a tool inside my Kelevate Method program called Empowered Habits that I like to teach as a replacement for the traditional good vs bad, right vs wrong labelling system we’ve been taught to use on our food and lifestyle choices.

This guide will teach you my process for making aligned choices that actually make you feel good so you can see what results happen as a natural byproduct of that.

Want an experience that could change your life?

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